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Our theme for Summer will be “The Great Outdoors.” We will be looking our school and its grounds; hopefully spending as much time a possible outside. We will be paying close attentions to trees and plants. We will be considering the suitability of natural and man made materials. And of course learning about a wedding celebration. All being liked into our Maths and English learning as much as possible.

Weather and seasons will be a topic that we will be leaning about throughout the year.

Week beginning 18/06/18

WHAT’S THE TIME MR WOLF? In maths this week we will be looking at o’clock and half past times.

In English we will be creating our non fiction books about butterflies.

We will again be getting outside as often as possible, looking at the changing season. We will be investigating the trees and plants around us and naming their parts and creating art.


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Year group routines


Tuesday        P.E (alternating each week)

Wednesday  PE \  Homework (to be handed in)


Friday            PE (alternating each week) / Homework (to be given out)

Please find a copy of our weekly timetable in the ‘Files to download’ section below.


Your child needs to read daily for 15 – 20 minutes. Please use the home school diary to record when your child has read and make a comment about their reading. Please ensure you log every time you read.

It is important that you support your child to develop their comprehension skills so please to talk to your child about what they have read. What happened in the story? Why it happened? Who was involved? Where is the story? What was your favourite part? Why?

Children will be responsbile for changing their own reading books on a daily basis. Please prompt them to take their reading book out of their school bag when they enter the school building.


Homework is given out on a Friday and handed in the following Wednesday.

Your child will have Phonics and Mathematics homework which should take him/ her 15 – 20 minutes to complete. It is important that your child completes his/ her homework independently however they may need your support to understand what is expected and to help him/ her stay on task.

Mrs Hadfield will be teaching daily.

Mrs Dumbleton will be teaching on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs Dorsett on Thursday and Friday.

If you would like to contact us please email or come and see us at the school.