Upton Priory School will nurture curiosity and creativity through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum, where learning is at the heart of all we do.

Our children learn to become resilient and respectful in an inclusive and safe environment which celebrates the achievements of all.

We support children and families to be active and valued members of their community.

By the time our children leave Upton Priory, they will be confident and resourceful lifelong learners, with high aspirations and a strong sense of moral responsibility to empower them to be active citizens of modern Britain.


  1. Respect
  2. Enjoyment
  3. Cooperation
  4. Pride
  5. Resilience

As a school we aim to provide:

  • A happy, secure and welcoming atmosphere within a high quality environment.
  • Opportunities for children to become well-motivated, independent learners who are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential.
  • A well-resourced, broad and balanced curriculum and a wide range of after-school activities that enrich the children’s experience.
  • A committed team of staff who seek to provide the highest standards of teaching and therefore ensure the highest quality of learning.
  • A recognition of the needs of individual children and the provision of appropriate special needs teaching.
  • A positive behaviour policy that encourages awareness of the needs of others both within school and the wider community, and self-respect.
  • Recognition and respect for the role of parents and carers within the learning process.