Our rules clearly define the high standard of behaviour that we expect in school. They are referred to frequently and should encourage the children to be positive in all they do and should help to create a happy environment for pupils to work in. Ways in which we reward positive behaviour include:


Children will be rewarded for good behaviour with house points. Each child will earn points for their house each week which will result in a house cup being awarded for the house with the most points each week. These will be collected from throughout school. Individual rewards may also be given out by teachers in their classrooms with things such as stickers, certificates etc. Children may also be awarded a headteacher sticker or have their work presented on the “proud of our work” board at the front of each building.
Classes may also be rewarded for specific reasons throughout the term, as decided by their teacher. These can be for whole class behaviour or small groups working exceptionally hard together.

Golden time

Golden time will take place every Friday afternoon. All children will be able to participate in Golden time based on their behaviour. If poor behaviour is observed throughout the week, children may miss part of Golden time in 5 minute increments (5 minutes for each individual incident). A warning will be given before any low level disruption is sanctioned with missing Golden time. Any violent behaviour will automatically be sanctioned with missing 5 minutes Golden time. If a child is due to miss more than half of their Golden time in one week, this will be reported to the Key Stage leader. If all of a child’s Golden time is to be missed, this will be reported to the Headteacher.
Golden time activities will change throughout the year. Children will be allowed to choose which Golden time activity they will participate in.

Celebration assembly

Every week the school will host a celebration assembly on a Friday. This is an opportunity for one child to be recognised by their teacher for an exceptional reason each week. Parents will be invited to attend this assembly and a certificate will be presented.

What is means
Exceptional consistentbehaviour over time. The child is showing the correct, gold behaviour.
The child knows they are on track for earning Golden time. If some Golden time has already been removed earlier in the week, the child knows that they have still got some Golden time to work hard for and if good behaviour continues they won’t lose any more.
A warning has been given for a rule not being followed and the child has a chance to rectify this before any Golden time is lost.
Golden time lost (5 minute increments)
A proportion of Golden time has been lost. This has been either due to a warning not being listened to, or a violent behaviour. 5 minutes of Golden time will be lost for each infringement, up to a total of 30 minutes.