Welcome to our brilliant school council web page! At Upton Priory School, we four main student groups, which are School Council, Eco-Council, E-Safety Council and Trust Council.

School Council

School council is a place were children from age year 1 to year 6 can express there views on how to make the school a better place to in. At the beginning of the year, each class elects 2 school councils (boy and a girl) who will work with other children from across schools to improve our school.

Our School Council

At the start of the year, we went to the town hall to meet the mayor of Macclesfield Janet Jackson, to learn the role and how she helps the local people. It was an interesting trip and gave us ideas about the work we could do at Upton Priory.

We try to meet once every 2 weeks and share ideas from our class assemblies. So far this year we have accomplished many of our goals. Firstly, we thought there was too much rubbish around school so we decided to add lidded bins around our playgrounds. We also interviewed Mrs McGinnis to discover what she thought about plastic around our school. From that, we have worked with her to reduce the amount of plastic bottles. Instead of plastic bottles, we now have drinks in reusable cups.


We are now working on devising names of our house teams and updating the markings on the infant and junior playgrounds.


Our school council is important because it means we get to express our views and feelings about schools and play an active part in making it better.



Like our school council, our Eco council is made up of children from each class in Years 1-6. Our Eco-council’s main job is to look at how school can become more eco-friendly. Earlier on this year, we visited Waitrose to learn about how they recycle different items. It was amazing to learn about how they have changed the things that they stock in store to be more recyclable. Some photos from our trip are below:

We asked to have eco-council badges, just like the members of the school council, trust council and e-safety monitors and here they are:


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