The school has an individual school uniform which the children are encouraged to wear with pride.


White Shirt / Red or White School Polo Shirt
Red Sweatshirt
Black / Grey Trousers
Sensible Black shoes –
Not Trainers
 Grey or black socks – not trainer liners


White Blouse / Red or White School Polo Shirt
Red Sweatshirt / Red or Grey Cardigan
Knee length Grey Skirt / Tunic or Grey/Black Tailored Trousers –not flares, bootlegs or leggings.
 Red Gingham Dress in summer if desired
Sensible Black shoes – Not Trainers, Boots, or Open-Toed Sandals
 Grey, black or white tights or socks – not trainer liners Stocks of school sweatshirts, polo shirts and cardigans with the school crest are available from the school office in the lower building.

For Art, Craft and Pottery and similar activities, every child requires an overall to protect their clothing. The best garment for this is an old shirt.

It is important that every item of your child’s clothing is named (including shoes/pumps) so that lost property can be returned as soon as possible.

Dress and Appearance

Children may wear watches and one discreet ear-stud in each ear, but no other jewellery. Please do not send your child to school with nose or any other body piercings. We further ask that children are not sent to school with radically dyed hair, hair that has been closely shaved, or Mohican style haircuts. Hairbands, ties and grips may be worn but please make sure they are simple and purposeful, rather than decorative. Please ensure your child has their hair tied back at all times during the school day. Nail varnish and make up are not allowed.

PE Kits

The following kits are required in PE and Games sessions.
For PE sessions:
  1. White T- shirt – no logo’s or football shirts
  2. Navy blue/black shorts
  3. Trainers or pumps
For Games sessions:
  1. White T- shirt – no logo’s or football shirts and a jumper
  2. Navy blue/black shorts or joggers
  3. Trainers or pumps
  4. Hat and gloves

Please note: No part of the school uniform should be worn during PE/games sessions.