Over the Christmas holidays we set the children a task which would get them familiar with our new topic, The Stone Age. This week we have been bowled over, once again, by the amazing efforts of the children, especially during the busy time of Christmas. The work is absolutely fantastic and we want to share it with you. Unfortunately, we haven’t been through everybody’s yet as we don’t want to rush when so much time and effort has been made. Next week we shall carry on viewing the work when more photos will be posted here online.

Logan with his cave, complete with beautiful cave paintings inside!

Paige with her wonderfully constructed cave.



Archie with his fantastic cave, it even doubles up as a cave hat!



Sophie has used clay and twigs to construct her cave.



Josie has used cardboard and hers even has a real glowing fire!



Autumn’s is a large hut with amazing construction inside.



Sienna chose the word search option and has produced a beautifully colourful piece with some key words from the Stone Age.



Aimee’s was very heavy, she used wood, soil, clay and sawdust to create her masterpiece.



Dominic’s cave was constructed out of delicious chocolate cake. Mrs Morton-Race had to break her diet to ‘mark’ it.