The children in the Nursery and Reception classes (Foundation Stage) will be provided with learning experiences that provide a foundation for the National Curriculum. The Nursery curriculum covers all areas of the curriculum.

Every Infant (Key Stage One) and Junior (Key Stage Two) child will be taught the National Curriculum according to its programmes of study. Religious Education will also be taught.

Our Curriculum is planned in the long, medium and short term. All teachers prepare detailed plans which they are pleased to discuss with parents.
Policies and further details of individual subject areas are available for parents to look at should they wish to.

The Subjects

In English we follow the National Curriculum 2014. We give children the experience of all types of the written word and in a variety of scripts. We want bi-lingual children to value their first language. We encourage children to write freely and we place great emphasis on the ability to listen. In our reading programme we give each child the opportunity to enjoy all types of books. We encourage parents to read with their child at home and children take home books. We use Letters and Sounds for phonics in KS1 and we have a book band system for reading (using assessment from Pearson).

In Mathematics we follow the National Curriculum 2014. Maths is taught as a separate subject area and also linked to other topics being studied. Basic work in the four rules of number are taught, but we also want children to experience many different mathematical experiences. In particular we want our children to become good problem solvers and use and apply their mathematical knowledge and skills across the whole of the curriculum.

We teach Science as a separate subject, but we also use a topic based cross-curricular approach. We want to enable children to communicate scientific ideas, to relate Science to everyday life and to explore scientific concepts. These are essential elements of a developing experience of Science.
All pupils have access to Computing. There are a range of laptops and tablet devices for children to sue as well as computers in each classroom. There are also cameras and a range of other technological equipment available for pupil use.

In Design Technology we place an emphasis on the practical and present pupils with problem solving tasks.

In History we enable children to develop an understanding of and appreciation of historical concepts.

In Geography we enable children to develop an understanding of and appreciation of geographical concepts.

In P.E. pupils follow a programme which includes dance, gymnastics and games. P.E. activities take place in the playground and school hall. Children in the Year 4 follow a swimming programme where we aim to meet statutory requirements. Where possible we organise specialist coaching through the use of our Sports Grant Funding but this depends and the availability of such specialists. There are numerous sporting clubs held after school for KS2 children.

In Art we enable children to develop an understanding of line, form and colour. Pupils have access to a wide variety of mediums and tools. An after school art club also usually runs for interested children.

In Music we place an emphasis on the practical and encourage children to enjoy all aspects of music. Children in Year 5 and 6 all have the opportunity to learn an instrument.

Religious Education and Collective Worship

Our Religious Education curriculum is taken from Cheshire East Agreed Syllabus, which has been agreed by Cheshire East Council, local teachers, and representatives of all major local faiths and denominations. Although Christian-based, it also ensures that our pupils gain respect for an awareness and understanding of other world religions. The Syllabus and scheme of work is available in the lobby area for parents to look at.
There are arrangements for daily assemblies at Upton Priory School. We celebrate all major festivals with special events and assemblies.
All parents have a right to withdraw their child from the school’s daily act of collective worship, or from Religious Education however, we hope all pupils will take part. Provision for pupils who are withdrawn will be discussed between the Head Teacher and class teacher. If you want to withdraw your child from these parts of school life, please see the Head Teacher. If there is any aspect of Religious Education that you wish to discuss please contact the school.

Sex Education

The content of our sex education teaching has been drawn up in accordance with Cheshire East Council guidelines and has been approved by the School Governors. We hope to create a climate of communication where the children feel happy to ask questions and the teachers provide information simply and at the right level. Information will be conveyed in a frank and friendly way. Governors have agreed that the school should teach Sex Education and the Policy and Scheme of Work and resources are available for parents to look at. Parents who wish to exercise their statutory right to withdraw their child from Sex Education should see their child’s teacher initially.

Equal Opportunities

We are absolutely committed to equal opportunities at Upton Priory School and do our best to ensure equal access to the curriculum for all our pupils. We do not tolerate racist or sexist harassment and take measures that all our staff, pupils, parents and visitors to the school feel that the school is safe and secure for them.

Documents available for viewing by parents (please click on links): –

The National Curriculum 2014
School Curriculum policies
The LA’s Agreed Syllabus for RE

Please see link for latest version of English Programme of Study for KS1 and 2

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