Creativity Week 2020


We have had a fun-filled week this week. We looked at the theme of Inside Out linked to emotions, mental health and taking our normal learning inside, outside. We looked at how we saw ourselves and drew words over an image of our faces. We did some emotional drawing, listening to some calm classical music, heavy classical and then Tina Turner’s Proud Mary and drawing what we felt with our felt pens. We also chose which colour we felt we should draw with.

We made some wooden worry dolls. First, we heard a story from Anthony Browne called Silly Billy which was about a boy who deals with his worries by telling them to some worry dolls. We also had some examples of traditional worry dolls, which Mrs Shreeve brought in.

We joined in Falliboome’s idea of doing lightbulbs which had our inspirations on. For KS1 we drew what we wanted to be when we get older. In 1KMR we had some artists, teachers, pizza makers and snail doctors!

We also had a visit from Gav Cross the storyteller. He told us tales with a twist which made us giggle and laugh so much our faces ached! He told us the stories from inside his illuminated inflatable cave.

On Thursday, we did Forest School all day. We went down to our woods and learnt all about the rules of being out in the forest. We played games, built dens and drank hot chocolate. After lunch, we made dough which we could then place on the tree to make a face which we completed with stick smiles and nut eyes.