On Friday, Year 3 pupils showcased their homework to their classes. Mr. Hughes and myself asked them to make a presentation about anything they enjoyed or liked and they came up with some amazing results. We were both bowled over by the creativity they showed. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.


Sophie teaches us how to draw a panda!


Skye talks about LOL dolls.


Amirah talks about her cat Charlie!


Ruby teaches us to make diaries.


Autumn talks about half of the sports she does, today she talked about skiing, dancing, golf, cricket…how does she find the time?!!!


Ryden shared his passion for dinosaurs.


Isabelle models her amazing piece of mixed media art.


Isabelle’s artwork.


Sienna’s beautiful presentation.


Dominic talks about his holiday to Canada.


Jake shared his love for Ronaldo.


We shared our work with 3AH.


Sharing our work.


Josie shares her mobile.


Logan teaches us how to teach a Pikachu.


Logan with his presentation.


Layla’s model of people enjoying fireworks at Alton Towers!


Layla proud of her work.


Josie modelling her plastic mobile.

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